Woylies released into new feral-free home

This week marks the start of an ambitious broad-scale fauna relocation project being conducted by Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) to release nine species of threatened fauna into a 7,800ha feral-free area (protected by a feral-proof fence) at Mount Gibson, Western Australia. This reintroduction program will hopefully set up a self-sustaining population of each of these species, which includes, the Bilby, Numbat, Banded Hare-wallaby, Woylie and the Western Barred Bandicoot.

These fauna are being released into a feral-free area that is protected by a 43km long fence surrounding an area of bushland at Mount Gibson, 350km north-east of Perth in WA’s Mid West.

AWC fence

Plate 1. Image of the feral fence at Mount Gibson (from AWC website)

AWC should be commended for its commitment to protecting Australia’s native fauna and providing feral-free sanctuaries so that self-sustaining populations of local and threatened fauna will have a place to call home in the future.  Please click here to read a short article on the recent Woylie release at Mount Gibson or here to read more about the great work that AWC are doing at Mount Gibson and elsewhere in Australia.

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