Andrew Hide

Senior Environmental Advisor/Zoologistlinkedin image

Andrew Hide - Profile Picture small Andrew has a degree in Natural Resource Management with honours and over seven years of environmental industry experience throughout Western Australia, with a strong focus on fauna surveys, monitoring, management, conservation and research. During his career Andrew has managed a variety of environmental projects providing specialist environmental advice to clients in the resource, construction, infrastructure, land development, government and community sectors. He has a strong background in environmental consulting, previously being employed as a Senior Environmental Scientist and the Team Leader for the Environmental and Biological Services team at 360 Environmental and prior to this as an Ecologist and Project Manager at Wildlife Research and Management.

During his career Andrew has undertaken a wide variety of biological projects, including remote fieldwork such as level 2 and level 1 flora and fauna surveys, targeted threatened species surveys, compliance surveys, revegetation projects, fauna monitoring and translocation programs. This has included the involvement with many threatened species listed under Commonwealth and State legislation. As part of his honours project Andrew translocated 96 woylies (Bettongia penicillata) with the assistance of the Australian Wildlife Conservancy from Karakamia Wildlife Sanctuary to Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary determining the overall success of the translocation post release.

Since then he has played a key role in many other relocation projects, most notable the establishment of a fenced wildlife sanctuary in the Wheatbelt which has successfully re-introduced threatened species such as the endangered woylie and red-tailed phascogale (Phascogale calura), as well as six other threatened species. These animals have been surviving and successfully breeding within the reserve for over five years now.


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