Brody Altus


Brody is a hard-working zoologist and environmental practitioner with a background in conservation and zoology. Brody has demonstrated experience in flora and fauna surveys, fauna trapping, fauna salvage, data collection and management. He has a sound understanding of ecological principles and how they can apply to a wide variety of ecosystems.

Brody has a Masters of Conservation Biology and experience in a range of trapping and surveying techniques. He has undertaken fieldwork across WA including the Swan Coastal Plain, South-west, Goldfields and Murchison. Brody has been involved with a variety of projects with organisations across the Southwest region, including habitat monitoring and surveying fauna for not-for-profit community groups, as well as the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions.


  • Basic (Level 1) terrestrial fauna and flora surveys
  • Fauna relocations
  • Fauna trapping
  • Avifauna surveys
  • Wildlife management and conservation


  • Master of Conservation Biology
  • Bachelor of Science (Conservation Biology and Zoology)
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