Chemical capture

Terrestrial Ecosystems is skilled and experienced in chemically capturing fauna using tranquiliser darts. This specialist service enables the sedation and anaesthesia of fauna so that they can be captured, relocated, euthanised, have a transmitter attached or a health assessment undertaken. Chemical capture and sedation programs are useful for:

  • the capture and relocation of kangaroos that are isolated by land clearing or urban development;
  • relocation of over-populated kangaroos on a golf course;
  • the capture and relocation of Western Ringtail Possums from residential or commercial developments;
  • attaching radio-transmitters to Judas donkeys, goats, camels, horses, etc;
  • euthanasia of feral cats from mine sites and other areas where firearms are not permitted;
  • sedating and restraining animals for health checks and physical examinations; and
  • recapturing caged animals.

Wild animals are often difficult to catch safely for a number of reasons. They may be aggressive, move too quickly, difficult to restrain, arboreal and difficult to reach or trap, or their capture may significantly increase the potential for injuring the animals or the person attempting the capture. Chemical capture uses an anaesthetic to temporarily sedate animals so that they can be safely handled.

In Western Australia, chemical capture has mostly been confined to the sedation of kangaroos in urban areas so that they can be relocated into nearby bushland. In the last 10 years, Terrestrial Ecosystems has relocated more than 500 kangaroos from numerous development estates, and also assisted wildlife carers with the transfer of hand reared animals.

Terrestrial Ecosystems has the equipment for darting and tranquillising animals. Senior staff have attended an appropriate training course under veterinarian supervision to develop and refine their skills. Staff have the appropriate firearms licences and senior staff are authorised persons under the to administer appropriate drugs. All work is done in accordance with a standard operating procedure that was prepared in consultation with experienced veterinarians and the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions. Terrestrial Ecosystems works with an experienced veterinarian who can be called upon at short notice to answer questions, or to deal with unforeseen issues.

Terrestrial Ecosystems is the only environmental consultancy with post-graduate science qualified staff authorised to undertake this work in Western Australia.

Our highest priority is providing objective scientific advice and maintaining animal welfare.

More information about the chemical capture and relocation of kangaroos is found here

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