Dr Margot Oorebeek

Senior Environmental Advisor/Zoologist

Margot completed her MSc. in Behavioural Ecology at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands and graduated cum laude, representing an exceptional achievement. She continued her studies in Australia where she conducted a PhD at Flinders University in Adelaide. Her PhD focussed on avian ticks in South Australia, investigating the distribution, ecology, and fitness costs of Ixodes hirsti.

After her PhD Margot started work in the environmental sector and now has more than 6 years experience conducting fauna surveys, fauna assessments, conservation significant species surveys and fauna monitoring programs across Western Australia, including the Kimberley, Pilbara, Mid-West, Swan Coastal Plain, Goldfields and the South-west.

Prior to joining Terrestrial Ecosystems, Margot was a senior zoologist at Animal Plant Mineral where she was responsible for all fauna surveys and the writing of fauna assessment reports, fauna management plans and EPBC referrals. Margot has always had a passion for wildlife and she has worked as a volunteer on several research and conservation projects.

For two years she was an Assistant Warden at the Broome Bird Observatory where she conducted guided tours of the Roebuck Bay environment and participated in ongoing shorebird research.

Since then, she has conducted reptile and bird surveys for the Australian Wildlife Conservancy at Newhaven Wildlife Sanctuary, has assisted in Mountain Pygmy Possum research in the Snowy Mountains and is a regular volunteer for the population surveys of the critically endangered Western Ground Parrot.

A copy of Margot’s CV can be downloaded here.

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