Dr Stefania Basile

Environmental Advisor/Zoologist

Stefania Basile Steffie’s passion for wildlife has been a common thread throughout her life. Childhood readings by James Herriot and Gerald Durrell played an influence in inspiring Steffie to train as a veterinarian in Italy. Once she moved to Australia, Steffie realised how wildlife medicine was a fundamental part of conservation, especially the protection and conservation of endangered species. It was this interest that encouraged her to complete a BSc in Conservation Biology and Wildlife at Murdoch University.

During her studies,she was actively involved in various volunteering programs to improve her field work experience, share and gain scientific and cultural knowledge from different experts and agencies. Steffie is happy to work independently and enjoys the team work aspect.

Steffie has participated in surveys for humpback whales in the Philippines; fish surveys in the south-west, a Woylie trapping program, surveys for birds on Rottnest Island, assisted Murdoch University with the Little Penguin project and she participated in the Great Cockie count.



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