Edward Swinhoe

Environmental Advisor/Zoologist linkedin image

Edward Swinhoe Edward has spent 9 years in the resource industry gaining a wealth of experience throughout the major bioregions of the state. He strives to set new bench marks for industry best practice within the environmental sector, and is always on the lookout for ways to upskill.

What sets him apart is his strong ethical responsibility and close attention to detail. He is well armed to deal with conflict resolution and notes client-contractor communication and relations as one of his strong points.

While working as a team supervisor on the Wheatstone Project, Edward dealt with a number of issues that arose with great competence. He has high safe work values and attempts to pass these onto his colleges on a day-to-day basis. Over the years Edward has assisted with, and lead teams on numerous level 2 fauna trapping surveys across much of Western Australia.

He has experience with targeted fauna assessments for threatened species listed under Commonwealth and State Legislation (including Northern Quoll, Western Ringtail Possums, Mulgara, Egernia stokesii badia, Carnaby’s, Baudin’s and Forest Red-tailed Black Cockatoos and South Brown Bandicoots).

Edward has recently completed his Certificate III in Vertebrate Pest Management and is currently completing his Masters in Biosecurity with Murdoch University. As part of this degree he is completing a research project looking at the movement pathways of urban foxes in the Perth area.


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