Garry Ogston

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Garry Ogston Garry Ogston completed his BSc. Conservation and Wildlife Biology at Edith Cowan University, and during his degree completed one semester through student exchange with the University of Western Ontario in London, Canada. Upon graduating Garry transferred to Murdoch University and completed his honours research focusing on the impact of climate change on two aestivating fish species of the south west of WA, the salamanderfish and black-striped minnow.

Garry received first class for is honours and was awarded the Royal Society of Western Australia medal for best undergraduate student for 2014 at ECU.

Throughout his studies Garry regularly volunteered on fauna trapping and research projects with Department of Parks and Wildlife, Australian Wildlife Conservancy, and on Rottnest Island. These projects included baseline surveys (pit trapping), Woylie trapping (cage trapping), small mammal/marsupial trapping (elliots), and frog surveying (spotlighting and netting).

Garry’s degrees exposed him to other fauna trapping and handing techniques such as bird surveys and banding through the use of mist netting. As well as volunteering within Australia Garry travelled to South Africa in 2012 to volunteer on a local reserve helping to monitor the fauna native to the area through transect surveys, as well as help with bush rehabilitation on site through re-vegetation and removal of invasive species.

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