New best practice in fauna management prior to vegetation clearing

LWP Property Group (LWP) is a nationally awarded property developer based in Perth WA, specialising in the creation of new medium to large scale urban projects. LWP is passionate about protecting the environment, and was prepared to undertake fauna protection strategies beyond its regulatory requirements and way beyond that of most other land developers in Perth.

LWP is involved in residential land development in the Trinity Estate at Alkimos, the Glade at Byford and at Ellenbrook. LWP established ‘new best practise’ level when it implemented a comprehensive pre-clearing vertebrate fauna management program to minimise impacts on fauna in 11ha of the Trinity project area.

Trapping was undertaken across the area with the aim of catching as many individuals as possible prior to the area being cleared for residential development. Four km of drift fencing were installed to support 6,600 pit trap-nights and 13,200 funnel trap-nights to capture the fauna.


 Alkimos trap lineDrift fence showing pit and funnel traps used to catch small reptiles and mammals A total of 960 small animals were caught and relocated to Neerabup National Park. This included five species of mammals, one amphibian, two species of geckos, five species of legless lizards, one species of dragon lizard, 15 species of skinks, two species of goanna, two species of blind snakes and eight species of front-fanged snakes. These animals would have almost certainly been lost had they have not be caught and translocated.

It is hoped that other land developers will now follow suit and also trap and translocate vertebrate fauna prior to vegetation clearing, because these data clearly indicate that it is a worthwhile exercise.


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