Sasha Ayton

 Environmental Advisor/ Zoologist

Honours in Conservation Biology at the University of Western Australia. Sasha’s honours project examined the eco-physiology of a native stingless bee that inhabits the Kimberley. The purpose of her project was to understand the physiological response of individual bees and the hive as a whole to changes in environmental variables brought on by a change in seasons. Sasha’s interests in the environment are wide-ranging as demonstrated by her work both above and below the water.

Prior to working for Terrestrial Ecosystems Sasha worked in ecotourism as a whale shark guide in Exmouth, WA.

Sasha also spent six months in Mozambique volunteering for a marine conservation organisation that aims to protect ocean megafauna through research and education.

Since Sasha began working for Terrestrial Ecosystems she has spent a lot of time in the Pilbara working as an Environmental Advisor and fauna handler at the Wheatstone LNG project and assisting with threatened fauna species monitoring projects on the Swan Coastal Plain and the south-west region of Western Australia. Sasha regularly makes time to volunteer on other fauna surveys and monitoring projects around the state.



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