Spatial Excellence Award Winner 2014

Terrestrial Ecosystems along with Aerometrex and Mt Gibson Mining received a Highly Commended Award for their recent work on identifying Malleefowl (Leipoa ocellata) mounds using high definition 3D interpreted aerial photography.

The search for malleefowl mounds has traditionally been undertaken by on-ground grid searches. This new approach provides a cost-effective solution to assessing impacts of developments on Malleefowl by the mining and pastoral industries. The area searched in this example had previously been searched using traditional methods, so it provided an ideal opportunity to compare results and costs of the two methods. New mounds were identified and it was appreciably cheaper.

High definition 3D interpreted aerial photography can be used to search very large areas in remote locations. This is another example of how the emerging spatial technologies are being applied to fauna surveys and assessments.


Spatial Excellence Award reduced


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